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Alex Leonard

Alex is a video strategist and environmental advocate. He’s the founder and CEO of AL Media, a creative company based in Southwestern Ontario that provides media production services, such as video strategy, social media management, content creation, commercial messages, event recaps, and brand stories. Alex and his team specialize in creating compelling videos that showcase a company’s important messages and call-to-action, optimized for performance across all social platforms and on various monitor sizes. They take care of the technical aspect of production as well as providing a marketing game plan so your team can prioritize the important work you do.

Their mission is to help sustainable organizations in Canada better connect with their audiences to increase revenue so that can continue to create a larger positive social change.

Alex has a Masters Degree in Environment and Sustainability from Western University and a Bachelors in Communications & Cultural Studies from Concordia University. Alex sees a future where living sustainably is the norm and everyone is passionate about protecting our environment and wildlife. Reach out to him today to find out how AL Media can help your business with your next video project.