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Andy De Campos

Office SOS

Sales Process Automation / CRM Consulting


Andy De Campos

Andy is a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) specialist with a passion for FOLLOW-UP. He will have you increase your SALES by helping you to STAY ORGANIZED, and STAY IN TOUCH with your CONTACTS as you eliminate the grunt work in your process.

Businesses too often focus on the immediate contacts on the radar but forget to stay in touch with the rest.
There are just too many contacts over time and this is why it is hard to follow-up or build relationships.
Andy solves that by helping you with the CRM tool and process to keep all your contacts in a single easy to use interactive system.

How you sell is up to you. You have your own style. Andy gives you the tools a three-step system for you to get the most ROI from your contacts.
Leads are gold. What are you doing with yours?