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Larry Lall

Larry demonstrates how Foundation, Alignment, Transformation and Mindfulness are The Cornerstone of Business and Individual Transformation, the key to Personal and Organizational Development and Growth.

An author, transformational business and personal coach, consultant and speaker, Larry’s international experience in the fields of Management, Leadership and Information Technology, spans across Canada, USA, Brazil, Korea, Kuwait and the Caribbean over the last 25 years.

Larry has the ability for taking something extremely complex and simplifying it so his clients and audiences can receive, absorb, and use it. Larry uses the Foundational concepts of Mindset, Experience, Core and Creed, from a unique system he developed called The MECC Cornerstone, to help individuals and organizations understand and improve performance and productivity.  This is accomplished through personal and organizational transformation, which results in growth.

He engages his clients and audiences with hands-on real-life examples, exercises, tools and practical information. His emphasis, during his sessions, is on the contribution of his clients, audiences and learning from each other.  These are truly interactive and lively sessions.

He is focused on optimizing business services by building work environments that bring out the best in their people and helping these people bring out the best in themselves. The results are cost and service optimization, the mindset transformation of each individual within the organization and hence the organization itself.